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The largest publishers sum up the preliminary results of the IAB Russia initiative towards improving the formats of interactive advertising. Platforms and publishers report ad blockers growth rates has declined.

For the first six month since the “The Russian Guide to High-quality Advertising. Version 1” was published and the “Safe Harbour” mechanism was implemented media publishers documented reduction in the growth rate of the ad blockers setting. In certain cases, it was noted that the audience has reduced using of these services.

According to Vedomosti sources in June 2018 using of ad blockers on the website decreased up to 7%. As early as the beginning of the year 21% audiences switched off advertising on the site.

Mila Makarova, the advertising director of digital products, Vedomosti.

“We have never used advertising formats annoying users. The logic of our advertising decisions is constructed on “purity” and efficient ad impression and on the quality of the services we provide. Decrease in the number of the customers using services of the advertising blocking, definitely, is a pleasant trend, but in our case it is not connected with changing formats of “annoying advertising”. We hope that attracting more resources to “Safe Harbour” will help this trend to be maintained in the market“.

Publishing house “Independent Media” has studied the audience behavior of Cosmopolitan, “Home”, Harper's Bazaar, Grazia, Esquire, “Popular mechanics” and Robb Report websites. Compared to the last year, a share of the platforms audience not using ad-blocking, has risen by 8%, and a share of the customers who continue using services for ad blocking, were less than 10%.

Anastasia Kapitanova, Head of data and programmatic-sales, Independent Media.

“Projects Independent Media certainly were in general market trend in terms of the number of customers using ad blocking services. Despite the fact, that on our resources advertising formats are made in the best possible way for perception and harmoniously interwoven into content, we are concerned about the tendency. Certainly, our traffic dynamic is impressive (+45% over the past year) even without these users, but we, as a company which oriented towards constant development, cannot ignore a single, even potential, source of growth. That is why our company encourages the movement of industry which modifying advertising formats for improving users’ perceptions. These days we along with other market players record a declining trend of number of those who uses ad-blocking services. We are gradually beginning to see the influx of a new audience.”

STS-Media provides data concerning platforms such as STS, Domashniy, Videomore – growth in the number of customers using ad-blocking services has stopped and its, on average, just over 8%.

According to Yandex  total amount of the advertising, causing negative reaction among users of Yandex.Browser, decreased by 97%.

Since February 5 2018 Yandex.Browser has automatically hidden the aggressive advertising formats, which listed by IAB Russia Association. Yandex.Browser team studied how the situation with agressive advertising had changed lately.

According to Yandex.Browser, for six months the number of sites using annoying advertising has reduced by almost 86%.  For six months, the Amount of the most annoying advertising has reduced by 97%. Currently, Yandex.Browser hides an average of 90 thousand aggressive advertising blocks every day, six months ago there were 3.5 million of them.

In the past six months, growth rate of the audience of blockers has gone down considerably: the percentage Yandex.Browser customers using ad-blockers has grown by only 0.6 per cent – this is 2.7 times less than in the same period last year.

Metrics data and Yandex search data also have shown that people are concerned less about aggressive advertising.

In June-July this year a share of search requests about ad-blockers, such as “to download”, was by 18% less than the same period in 2017, and “to install” – by 22% less.

In the second half of 2017, Metric has recorded increasing the share of visit the websites through browsers with ad blocking services. However, in the first half of 2018 this growth has stopped.

Boris Omelnitskiy, the President of IAB Russia.

“Users believe Internet advertising is useful, but, when they face annoying formats, they try to avoid it. The important thing is for people to feel comfortable in the network and got high-quality information. We are concerned that the advertising was useful and, therefore, more demanded. We consistently oppose to use annoying and aggressive advertising formats.

In 2018, we see growth rate of ad-blockers' penetration have declined gradually. In part, our collaborative work with the professional community in the fight against the most annoying advertising formats have contributed to these results.  Further collaborative work with platforms, advertising agencies and advertisers towards to reduce the number of annoying advertising formats in Internet can continue this trend, which will have a positive effect throughout the market.”


At the end of December 2017 the IAB Russia has issued “The Russian Guide to High-quality Advertising. Version 1” addressed to all parties of the market. The document listed not recommended formats for use because of negative reaction of Russian audience.  The association appealed to all services which capable filter advertising formats: browsers, blocking programs, plugins, providers – to support the document and through the mechanism “Safe Harbour” to create a sites’ list, that does not contain an aggressive advertising.

The IAB Russia runs the “Safe Harbour mechanism. Yandex.Webmaster service provides technical support to sites’ list in “Safe Harbour”.


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