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IAB Russia launched the "Safe Harbor" for Better Ads

“Safe Harbor” is online instrument of digital advertising improvement strategy. The idea is to improve the user’s experience and protect sites owners income from being filtered by ad block software. The list unites the sites supporting «Russian Better Ads Guidelines. Version 1». IAB Russia offers to exclude listed sites from filtering.

According to the study “Media Consumption in Russia”, conducting by Deloitte, about a third of RuNet users installed ad blockers and 13% tend to do this. The main reason is annoying Ads. Experts claim, the problem is about both sides: sites owners are losing their ad income and Internet users may lose  their  access to free high-quality content.

IAB Russia states: the problem solution is based on gradual improvement of Ad formats, which means that user’s irritation must not be allowed on any stage of digital advertising campaigns and advertising could be more effective.  Otherwise, users would be still motivated to install ad blockers. Since September 2017, the leading industry players carried out the research, how Russian users perceive online advertising and eventually define “Guidelines” provided overview of the annoying Internet advertising formats and «Safe Harbor» mechanics.

IAB Russia recommends all services capable of filtering Internet advertising (including browsers, blocking programs, plugins, providers etc.) to support “Guidelines” and don’t accept filtering to sites from «Safe Harbor» list. In case of non-recommended format is to be  detected, IAB Russia will contact the site owner in order to eliminate violations. Repeated violation of the “Guidelines” could be the reason for excluding the site from "Safe Harbor" and entailing filtration of advertising on the site.

"Safe Harbor" is managed by IAB Russia, technological support of the domain list of the sites in "Safe Harbor" is provided by the Yandex.Webmaster service.

In order to be included in «Safe Harbor» an authorized representative of any site hosting advertising on the Internet may send a formal notification to IAB Russia of the support the "Guidelines". The application can be submitted via the link.

The sites which owners are planning to include in "Safe Harbor" should be added and confirmed in Yandex.Webmaster. Using the application submission form, it’s possible to select sites for adding to "Safe Harbor". Within one working day, the application will be processed and sites will be added to the «Safe Harbor» list. The order of removing sites from "Safe Harbor" is conducted according to the rules described in the "Guidelines".


The IAB Russia research "How Russian users respond to internet advertising", carried out in December 2017, shows that about 60% RuNet users today believe that Internet advertising may be useful. The study identified the Internet advertising formats, which cause a most negative users reactions and push them to use ad blockers. Association IAB Russia released «Russian Better Ads Guidelines. Version 1» and announced the development of the "Safe Harbor" mechanics, designed to protect sites using ad formats that users are loyal to.