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IAB Russia Released Russian Better Ads Guidelines

December 21, 2017

The Association IAB Russia conducted a study of user’s attitudes to various formats of advertising on the Internet and prepared Guidelines for site owners and services that can filter advertising - to limit the distribution of advertising that causes the audience the most irritation. The sites that supported the recommendations will organize the "Safe Harbor" of RuNet (Russia Internet).

At a special meeting of the IAB Russia Committee "Online Branding" on September 11, it was suggested to conduct a study of the perception of Internet advertising among Russian users and prepare a list of non-recommended advertising formats. The main goal is to define formats that undermine consumer’s confidence in the market and prevent the spread of ad blocking software that IAB Russia experts believe can undermine the ecosystem of free provision of content and services to users on the Internet. For the broad representation of market interests in the development of Better Ads Guidelines took part as members of IAB Russia, and the media and companies are not members of the Association.

Respondents were asked to rate the same pages with different ads and choose which ones to use more conveniently. The target audience of the study and participants in the online survey were Russian citizens aged 18-45 years, quoted by sex, age and size of the settlement (cities with a population of 100 thousand people, total 5,950 respondents). The research methodology involved filling out a questionnaire from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, depending on the format being tested. Participants were asked to evaluate 25 desktops and 22 mobile formats. At the same time desktop and mobile formats were evaluated separately - respondents rated either only the desktop or only mobile formats with content for testing advertising. Each respondent rated four specially created web page pages - one control page (with content without ads) and three test pages with ads in one of the formats.

Among the questions that were asked respondents: how annoying the format is, how much the format hinders, the effect on the credibility of the advertised product, the impact on the perception of the Internet page. Users, in general, are more likely to perceive mobile formats in a more negative way: 31% of respondents said that mobile advertising is "very much hampering or annoying" (in the desktop format segment this figure is lower - 21%.

Comparing the formats of advertising and identifying the options that are least acceptable for users, allowed to make a rating of desktop and mobile formats of Internet advertising. Among the mobile formats that received the most negative ratings were:

  • Fullscreen banner- regardless of whether it can be closed immediately or only after a while;
  • Fullscreen banner, which occurs when the page loads, and the ability to close it does not appear immediately;
  • Fullscreen banner, which occurs when the page loads, while the user does not have the opportunity to close it;
  • Videos embedded within the content that starts play sound when they launch

In the segment of desktop formats, to which users are treated with the least loyalty, they are leading:

  • Videos with advertising, which is in no way connected with the main content of the page; A large pop-up window that appears when you visit the site in the center of the screen and blocks the contents of the web page;
  • Fullscreen banner ads that appears immediately after the page loads with countdown;
  • Wide «Sticky ads» height 200px or more at the top of the page that closes the contents of the web page;
  • «Sticky ads» the entire width of the bottom of a web page with a height of 250px or more that closes the contents of the web page.

IAB Russia plans to add sites that support the "Guidelines" to the "Safe harbor" without limitation, to provide information on the "Safe Harbor" domain list of sites to all interested parties. The application form for inclusion of sites in the ”Safe Harbor” will be developed and posted on the IAB Russia website during January 2018.

IAB Russia President Boris Omelnitsky noted that the research methodology and mechanisms of implementation of Guidelines allow for experimentation with improved and new formats and improve customer loyalty to advertising on the Internet in general.

Russian Better Ads Guidelines. Version 1.  https://goo.gl/jXyzRe

Study of IAB Russia «How Russian users respond to internet advertising», December, 2017



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