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IAB Russia develops russian standarts of qualitative online advertising

Upon the initative of Yandex an open-working group was created. It based on not-for-profit organization IAB Russia. The are going to develop Russian standarts of high-graded online advertising and suggest ways of introduction them. In that way, Internet sites, marketing agencies, media dealers, technological platforms, and the other market players are going to solve the problem of blocking advertising.

According to publishers questioned by Yandex, increased penetration of programs, which delete an advertising indiscriminately, is a major threat for professional media market.

At a special meeting of the “Online branding” committee dated by the 11th September, Yandex has suggested to make a list of non-recommended advertising formats and to develop Russian standarts for qualitative advertising.

The suggestion was unanimously supported by RBC, CTC media, IMHO, Weborama and other IAB Russia’s members attended the meeting.

Also, companies that non-members of IAb Russia are able to participate with a consultative vote in standarts’ development.

The standarts are developing based on research: the respondents will be offered to evaluate and to chose most convenient advertisement pages. Also, on the agenda, it takes to find out how people react in the same advertisement format in various type of content.

According to CTC media, users quietly perceive certain formats within professional content, but do not accept in amateurish videos.

Leonid Savkov, commercial manager of Yandex

“We are going to develop standarts directly for Russia : to take into account the specifies of user’s behavior, an historically matured context and interests of the sites. In short, do our outmost to improve the user’s experience and to hedge market’s bets. The main goal is an achievement of a balance: trading places shouldn’t utilize aggressive and annoying formats, and users would feel themselves more comfortable in the Internet.”

It takes to have an opportunity to pay access for advertisement-free content instead of cutting all of it by blockers.

The decision of creating our own local standarts is primarily due on specific of users’ experience. Russian users differ from the Western’s. For example, in Europe the main reason for installing an ad blocker is a privacy and security of personal dates.  But in our country the reason - irritation from shocking content, which interferes with the main purpose of visiting a page.

Meanwhile, Russia is not among the countries, for whom the international “Coalation for better ads” adapted the rules. The organization based on its own research has already made a list of low-qualified for education in the network.  

Artem Agapov, publisher of rbc.ru

“For large Russian media it is important to be a part of such processes that determine  future of our industry. And if each edition individually, objectively, can not affect in any way on the global coalitions and the decisions they make, then in case of joint efforts, the probability that our position will be heard and taken into account increases. Therefore, we consider Yandex's initiative to create and support local standards.”

The penetration of ad blockers in Russia differs: the Irish PageFair speaks about the plug in 5-14% (you need a link), and Yandex .Metrika sees the blockers are already more than 20% of users. The question is much sharper than it may seem from abroad.

Boris Omelnitsky, President of IAB Russia

“The problem of increasing of ad blockers is a challenge to the entire industry, and the situation is developing very quickly. In Russia there is a professional association of Internet sites, which is created to solve the problem - it's IAB Russia. And I am glad that an  active member of this organization - Yandex came up with an initiative that was supported by all the experts and members of IAB Russia attended the meeting. Now we have a real plan and methods to develop consistent high-quality advertising standards for Russia with a mechanism that takes into account the opinions and expertise of the sites and user experience.”

Lyubov Pshenichnikova, chairman of the Online Branding Committee

“The activity of major players in the market in resolving the issue of blocking advertising, of course, will reap results. Only consolidation can lead to a positive result. And we, Weborama Russia, unconditionally support the initiative of Yandex develop standards of high-qualitative Internet advertising on based on IAB Russia.”

Until the end of September, IAB Russia is going to form a working group and carry out preparatory work. The study and discussion of its results is planned for October. IAB Russia plans forming and approving standards to offer using in negotiations with Coalition for Better Ads and with ad blockers.

Yandex plans to follow the standards in all its services. The company promises to protect non-user-friendly formats from blockers in the advertising management system on the ADFOX website, and in Yandex.Browser, on the contrary, to filter ads that fall into the IAB Russia blacklist. Both tools are currently in beta mode. To assess how the blocking of several formats in Yandex .Browser will be implemented, you can download a special version:

Android: https://clck.ru/Boyt4

Windows: https://clck.ru/Bng5P

MAC: https://clck.ru/Bng64

To connect to the experiments of ADFOX, please write to the support service.

If you want to join the IAB Russia Working Group on improving advertising, please inform the Directorate of this: add@iabrus.ru

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